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Feb 10, 2012 at 11:24 AM

Approval Procedure - SAP loses the changes to the document


Good morning to all.

I need an explanation regarding the approval procedures.

We have recently upgraded the system from version 2007 SP01 PL10 to version 8.81 PL10.

We have a approval procedure whit 2 level:

User A => Create the document

User B => First level approval.

If User B approve the document then

User C => Final level approval

I noticed that in the previous version, during the phase of approvals, was created a single record in the table ODRF. This record was updated with various changes made by users during the approval phase. The changes made ​​during the approval phase regarding UDF

Now, with the new version, I find myself with the table ODRF registering a record for each change made to the document that is pending approval.

So, if User B open the document pending approval, saves it as a draft, then edit some UDF and still saves as a draft, in ODRF table we have 2 line (the first for the first save, the second for the UDF edited and so on...)

But, when you invoke the document itself to approve or modify it, it always loads the first record from the table ODRF, thus losing all the changes.

Do you have news about this situation? Are there solutions?

Sorry for my english...