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Feb 10, 2012 at 10:28 AM

Number range buffer - can this really be? SAP BW 710


Hello everone,

hope you are fine!

I am looking for some real light into the number range buffering 😊

I have extracted 2 Million data from DS 0PCA_EC_3 into a standard DSO which took inititally 13 h. (14 h in Production)

Now I figured the InfoObjects with high number range levels and enabled the buffering there.

The result is - which I can not believe at the moment and thats why I am looking first for answers before I disable the number range buffering and ran again into 13 h load 😊 - that the load took plus activation 45 MINUTES!!!!!

The Questions are:

1. Can this be possible that the performance increase so dramatically due to number range buffering?

I have not checked the SM66 for selection to table NRIV at the initial run

2. If this is realy the reason do I have to transport the settings I did in SNRO?

3. What if I decide not to use the number range buffering after some loads, is it easy to disable again without any data issue?

Thanks really for your input these are much appreciated.

bye Ömer