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Feb 10, 2012 at 06:56 AM

Stock back to quality



Inspection type 04 active. Goods reciept for production order done for 10 EA. Inspection lot created for 10 EA. UD done as accepted, system brings 10 EA stock from quality to unrestricted. Now I want to send it back to quality (not necessarily to inspecion lot) and then want to send 6 ea to unrestricted and balance 4 EA to blocked because by mistake I posted wrongly all 10 EA to unrestricted.

But after UD, I cannot move the unrestricted stock to quality. system is throwing message:

Change the inspection stock of material A00000 in QM only

Message no. QA495


You want to make a stock posting to/from the inspection stock. This is not allowed for material 4000000673 because the quality inspection control has been activated by QM.

The following cases can occur:

u2022 The inspection stock should be increased, although an inspection is not foreseen for the current goods movement

u2022 The inspection stock should be released, although you can only do this using the QM transactions.

Note: I do not want to use the sap note 175842 beause of certain reasons.

Pls suggest workaround! How to do it in MIGO transfer posting??