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Feb 09, 2012 at 11:40 PM

08 Inspection Type Issue


Hi QM gurus,

I have an issue with 08 Inspection Type.

Just a brief overview, our company is having a global presence with 100's of Plants on SAP. We recently have acquired a new company which was on SAP before.

They had QM and had 08 inspection type activated for all the materials. While creating Production Order if they find any component as defective they used to reverse the GI for that component and put it into unrestricted. These defective components were tthen ransferred from Unrestricted Stock to Quality Stock using MB1B transaction via 322 movement type.

They want to create an Inspection Lot only for 322 movement type with 08 Inspection Type. Since there was only one plant before they deactivated other Stock Transfer movement types and hence no issues.

In our company we cannot decativate other relevant stock transfer movement types since the settings are maintained at client and we are getting a push back from our management to do any changes in the existing movement types.

If I activate 08 inspection type then the system will create an Inspection Lot for all the Stock Transfer movement types which we do not want.

My requirement is we just want to activate 08 inspection type for 322 movement type without having an impact on other movement types.

Please advise.

Many Thanks,

Rakesh Wade.