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Feb 09, 2012 at 08:33 PM

Add new field in Automatic Payment Transactions(F110)



This problem has been raised by a lot of users, but no complete answers have been given.

1. Does anyone know a screen exit/badi/other enhancement for adding a new field in the screen for the transaction F110? It doesn't matter where, it can be in any tab or at the header level. I haven't found any enhancement.

2. One of the solutions I found on the internet is to insert a popup in a BTE's function module. The recommended BTE was 00001820 - Payment Program: Item Selection. I read its documentation and it says the BTE is used for Selection of open items. I tried to implement the solution but the event is not triggered. Here are the steps I made:

- copy sample function module SAMPLE_PROCESS_00001820 to a new z function module and in a new group; in the function i inserted a popup to confirm a simple question. The function runs in se37 and shows the popup

- FIBF-Settings-Products-Of a customer: here I entered product F110 and checked A checkbox(activated)

- FIBF-Settings-Process Modules-Of a customer: here I entered process 00001820, the new z function module(Z_SAMPLE_PROCESS_00001820) and the product F110.

After I entered F110, completed a Run date and Identification, entered parameters tab and there filled a company code, its payment methods, its next p/date and an account. After I clicked save. Nothing happened. What am I doing wrong?

Any other suggestions are welcomed.

PS: I could copy the standard program for F110 in a Z one and create there a new field in a screen. But I am still wondering if there is any screen exit.

Thank you very much,


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