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Feb 09, 2012 at 07:57 PM

get data from one of the dso's within a multiprovider based on condition



i have 2 dso's within a multiprovder, billing and order ocndition data. For a billing report with condition types i am hitting blling dso. But in some cases my price and condition vlaue are zero in this dso which was due to some other issues. So depending on condition like when my price is 0 in billing dso, i would like to get the price data from order condition cube.

I thought of creating an left outer join infoset, but am not getting how to get the data based on the condition. Since its multiprovider with same infoobjects in both dso, if i include both i am afraid its going to add up the data.

we are using bex 3.5. Can anyone help me how to proceed with this requirement.