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Feb 09, 2012 at 05:01 PM

Starting new database LUW inside ABAP during IDoc posting


Hi all,

During posting of an inbound IDoc, I am trying to update my Z-table in user-exit. I want to do it regardless of the result of IDoc posting. The problem is: if IDoc posted successfully - table is updated because COMMIT WORK is called at the end of the posting, however, if IDoc not posted - ROLLBACK WORK is called and table is not updated. So, my aim now is to commit the update of Z-table in any case, but it is the only thing that should be committed - no other prior update FMu2019s should be committed.

I'm aware about the following thread

Author of this thread says that he solved a problem by means of RFC and STARTING NEW TASK. But ABAP help says

that starting asynchronous RFC triggers immediately a database commit in the calling program (which is unacceptable because all prior update FMu2019s will be committed ). I've checked and it is really the case.

From my point of view SET UPDATE TASK LOCAL with COMMIT WORK should work in such kind of tasks, but in case of IDoc processing the whole process runs in a local update (see SET UPDATE TASK LOCAL in FM 'IDOC_INPUT'), so writing once again SET UPDATE TASK LOCAL has no effect.

I tested SUBMIT statement as well. It had no effect and then I found out from ABAP help that SUBMIT ... AND RETURN starts new SAP LUW, but NOT a DB LUW. That is if I update my Z-table in the program called by SUBMIT - all ROLLBACK statements still affect my Z-table update.

Is there any simple solution? Please suggest.

Thanks in advance!