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Feb 09, 2012 at 01:38 PM

MaxDB ( installation error: Invalid parameter Data Volumes


Hi all,

i get errors during installation procedure of MaxDB at the point where i define the Database Volume paths (step 4b).

If i use the default values the database gets created without errors.

But if i do changes e.g. to the size of the data volume, the error appears when i click next:

"Invalid value for data volume size: data size of 0KB does not make sense Specify useful sizes for your log volumes".

If i create 2 data files with different names (DISKD0001, DISKD0002), i get an error mesage that i have used one filename twice.

Now its getting strange: If i use the previous button to move one step back and then use the next button again, it sometimes

accepts the settings and i´m able to start the installation and the database gets created.

I´m remote on a VMWare server 2008 R2 (EN) and i´m using the x64 package of MaxDB.

Any ideas?


Martin Schneider