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Feb 09, 2012 at 01:05 PM

Activity types, Cost center and Internal order Accounting


Hello Gurus,

ive got a requirement which is:

our CARGO company works basically with Internal Order, where they are using so called technology scheme (this is a method where a cargo is beeing loaded in/out of ship and into warehouse and oposite direction).

The idea is to have a detailed cost collection on Internal Order, where they could collect not only statistical postings like statistical key figure values (H, KG, TON etc.) but also calculated values upon those UOM.

I made an analysis on cost centers. they have so called activity types, which can be used as detail of cost center -> to -> cost element -> to Activity type. it is like three way cost collection. also these activity types collect their own statisticals postings (the same H, KG, TON, etc.) This posibility alows us to make distribution to internal orders, but after it orders loose the activity type information.

Is there a way in using activity types to orders, or perhaps another solution using other Internal Order elements.

At the moment (SAP CO) we are using only Internal orders, Cost centers, Statisical key figures and nothing more 😔

Thanks and Best Regards

Laurynas Prikockis