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Feb 09, 2012 at 12:19 PM

Table UI element - dynamic cell editor change on runtime



I have standard table UI element defined on one of the views as part of it's layout, two columns only - KEY and VALUE. Both defined as text cell editor by default. Content of the table is dynamic and different combination of keys and values are presented depending on the app context.

Recently the need arised to (depending on the key value) change the cell editor type for single rows only, dynamically from text to link to action - and to register a triggable event for that with some logic behind (to open new window when link is clicked).

Is it possible at all to have a column in Table UI element with different editor types set dynamically on runtime for different rows? Some cells then wolud still be presented as text, some would have a link to action in them.

If possible can I ask for any hints on how to achieve that?

I imagine that first I have to get somehow a reference to the UI element created when the view is triggered first time, then after I recieve values from backend but prior (or after?) binding it to the table context I would like to evaulate the keys and change cell editors accordingly. Then for changed editors (link to action) I would like to register triggable events (on action) which would call some custom methods for further processing. Please advice.

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