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Feb 09, 2012 at 11:08 AM

Enhancement of Cluster Table --> possible? nessecary? FI-TV



we are in the process of implementing Travel Management on our DEV System. Since the WebDynpro ABAP Services we use Portal-Side do not fullfill all our requirements, I have enhanced them accordingly with additionaly fields etc.

Consequently, the data has to adapt to the flow into the backend and vice versa when Expense sheets are changed/copied/deleted etc. I have already succeeded in doing so with the table FTPT_REQ_TAC for additional Service Requests and extra substantiations which was not really challenging since it all flows through this one table.

However, I also have fields which would/should be functionally/logically assigned to the head data or the general data of the TRIP, i.e. this means for me PTRV_HEAD and PTRV_PERIO. The data within these transparent tables is also written into the Travel Management Cluster Table i.e. pretty much everything used in Report RPCLSTTE (including PCL1?...).

Bottom line this all looks insanely complex to me and I'm unsure whether this is a good or even a nessecary approach enhanceing all this to ensure the data-flow will stay consistent...

I don't expect a sample solution but some opinions would be very very welcomed.

best regards, Lukas