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Feb 09, 2012 at 10:42 AM

Work Permit Management


Hi Experts,

I need your opinion / guidance on Work Permit Management implementation in SAP. I have gone through the Work Clearance Management (WCM) but found that it covers very complected business scenario with a very serious limitation when compared to business scenario in my client's organization. I'll explain this in brief.

1. In my client's business scenario for a job which takes 5 days to complete only one order is to be created, however multiple permits are to be created each day/each shift. Each permits has very limited validity (generally 8 hours), and extendable to another 8 hour max. To capture this scenario we need to assign multiple permits against same order on each day.

2. Each permit shall have details of work, duration, field checks required etc information. which are updated before release and final print out of the permit.

3. Once job is completed permits are returned to operations people by maintenance person. Then it is closed in the system.

To complete all such process I found WCM has limitation and this process is better catered by Work Permit Management. A brief process is given in saphelp. link: []

All I need are these -

- some guidance in how to proceed with configuration keeping in view aforesaid scenario.

- T code to list orders with permits. I have seen some screen shot of this but couldn't find what was the T - Code. Also don't know this was done by Z t-code.

Your help will be appreciated and honoured.