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Feb 09, 2012 at 09:56 AM

Runtime error after migrating to 7.3



We have an enterprise portal --> portal application standalone type DC. We have been able to migrate the DCs to 7.3. The problem we are facing currently is that one of the applications does not load in the portal giving a portal runtime error. Looking at the log files, the errors being shown are to do with one specific type of class.

setClientEvent(com.sapportals.htmlb.enum.EventTrigger,java.lang.String) in com.sapportals.htmlb.EventValidationComponent cannot be applied to (com.sapportals.htmlb.enums.EventTrigger,java.lang.String)
                     CustomerInput.setClientEvent(com.sapportals.htmlb.enums.EventTrigger.ON_KEYDOWN, "onCustomerEnter()");

The above error shows that at runtime, it is trying to resolve 'com.sapportals.htmlb.enum.EventTrigger' but this class is deprecated in 7.3. The code which we have written has the right package which is com.sapportals.htmlb.enums.EventTrigger.

I am not sure why it is still trying to resolve with an older version. If I try to change the code and use the 'enum' package instead of 'enums', then the application fails again with the runtime error.

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