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Feb 09, 2012 at 09:21 AM

Copy Partner function



Scenario is: Contract-> Sales Order (Sales Order is created w.r.t. Contract)

We create Contract with Agent as SP, SH, PY and BP. For Agent weu2019ve created one extra Partner Function Z1 as Commission Agent. In Contract, Z1 Partner Function is the Agentu2019s code which is picked from Customer Master of Agent.

Now Sales Order is created w.r.t. Contract. Here we change SH from Agent to end Customer. For Customer weu2019ve created as separate Acct Group. Weu2019ve not assigned Z1 Partner Function to Customer Acct Goup.

Now we want that Z1 Partner Function in Contract should be picked in the Sales Order. Issue is that although Z1 Partner Function is coming but the Agentu2019s code is not coming. How to bring Agentu2019s code in the Sales Order?

Cust Acct Gr for Agent and Sales Order are different.

Thanks a lot.

Any User exit available?

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Moderators pls advice.

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