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Feb 09, 2012 at 06:45 AM

Enhancement for update PR



My requirement is to update a PR customize Zfield whenever a work order is created in transaction iw31. After the work order is created (means after user press save), the PR is also created but without the Zfield, because the Zfield is not in the screen and should be retrieve from another place.

So my question is where to update the PR exactly. I tried in the BADI WORKORDER_UPDATE through several methods such as (AT_SAVE, NUMBER_SWITCH, etc ) and also BADI IWO1_PREQ_BADI. But at the moment there, the PR is not yet being created, so I am not able to update it.

I search around saying that it is not possible to change the PR elsewhere but in the change mode of work order ( iw32). Is that so and if that happens what should I do in my case.

Please Help.