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Feb 08, 2012 at 05:38 PM

Crystal Report on web server not displaying



I posted a problem up earlier today and thought I had solved the problem. I am getting the same problem on our clients test enviroment now.

Dev environment: VS 2010 - CR for VS 2010 - Windows 7 - Various browsers

Client Test Environment: DotnetFX4.0 runtime - CR runtime 32bit - Windows Server 2003 - IE7 or Chrome

I have copied the aspnet_client folder and it's contents to the root folder that the web app lives in (and various other places to try and get it to work)

I have given 'Everone' access to the C:\Windows\Temp' folder - I can see crystal temp files created there.

I've tried installing Chrome but this gives the same problem.

I have overcome the log4net.dll/type initializer/report failed to load errors and now have the last hurdle.

The report simply is not there. The page appears in the browser, and I can see a button that I have placed there on the page. I am logging the progress through the code to a text file and it all seems fine. The report is simply not there.

When this happened on our test server here, putting the aspnet_client folder in the right place did the trick and it worked. I'm guessing that the problem is related to this, and that the CR viewer simply does not have access to it or something, or it's in the wrong place.

Can anyone shed any light on this. I'm on day 3 of getting Crystal working on servers and it's wearing me down.... 😔