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Feb 08, 2012 at 04:34 PM

How to put detail records in fixed formÉ



I am trying to build a crystal report based on an existing printed form. The form includes elements that look like the following:


Hot Oiler - 4 mbtu 7mbtu

Pressure Pumping - 5K 10K 15K

Travel - 5K 10K 15K

Standby - 5K 10K 15K

Each Activity also has a quantity, a rate, and a total (quantity * rate) associated with it.

The user used to circle the applicable value on the paper form (for example, if it was a 4 mbtu hot oiler vs. a 7 mbtu hot oiler).

In the application and database the user will enter line items in the work order that specify if it is a Hot Oiler 4 mbtu or a Hot Oiler 7mbtu. Similarly, the user will create a record that is either Pressure Pumping 5k or Pressure Pumping 10K or Pressure Pumping 15K. And so on.

The application is capturing all of this information. I want the crystal report to still display each of these elements as they are laid out on the current paper form however because these are detailed records I do not know how to place them in the report properly. If we take the first line in the form, I created the formula:

+if {field_tickets_has_resources.resources_id} in [150, 151] then

"Hot Oiler - " & "4 mbtu" else

if {field_tickets_has_resources.resources_id} = 163 then

"Hot Oiler - " & "7 mbtu" else

"Hot Oiler - "+

I created another formula for the second line in the form:

+if {field_tickets_has_resources.resource_roles_id} = 15 then

"Pressure Pumping - 5K" else

if {field_tickets_has_resources.resource_roles_id} = 18 then

"Pressure Pumping - 10K" else

if {field_tickets_has_resources.resource_roles_id} in [22, 24] then

"Pressure Pumping - 15K" else

"Pressure Pumping -"+

And so on. However, I cannot place each of these formula beside each other in a details line because it places the values horizontally rather than vertically in the report. I cannot place these in a header because they are actually detailed records.

I hope this makes sense. Any help, as always, is appreciated!