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Feb 08, 2012 at 04:19 PM

Mass Source List Maintenance Using LSMW/SRCLST01 IDoc



I am attempting to build an LSMW to perform mass source list maintenance. I setup this LSMW to do the work via the SRCLST01 IDoc. This process works perfectly if the Material/Plant combination doesn't have any existing records. However MOST of our materials already have a source defined, which I want to REPLACE OR MODIFY the existing Vendor validity period. I can not figure out how to either DELETE or REPLACE existing source list vendors. I keep getting the error "Please Reconcile Source List Records", which occurs because there is existing records that overlap the record being entered.

The IDoc has a field on MSGFN (Message Function) which is in the E1EORDH header, which appears to be a control flag to trigger a delete, replace or append. However, this field does not appear to be regarded by SAP at ALL. I am not sure what this field is supposed to do.

Anyone know how to deal with this situation? I really do not want to write an app to DynaPro to go through all these records and clear them out.