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Feb 08, 2012 at 03:36 PM

B2B - What do I need to do?



I have a scenario where a multiple KU-partners in R/3 (our branches around the world) do business with the same external party for purchasing of indirect materials.

So all idocs from R/3 have the same recipient partner, but the sender partner will differ. I have two messages ORDERS and ORDCHG. I also have ORDRSP inbound from the vendor, with different recipients but the same sender.

I am sending and receiving using the HTTP adapter towards the vendor and, as mentioned, idocs towards R/3 (the KU-partners)

What do I need to setup in Integration Directory? Do I have to set up all my KU's as Parties? And create two sender agreements and one receiver agreement for each party? Or I can set up generic ageements with * in the Party-field? How do I then meet the right KU when posting the idoc in the order response case?

I guess there is no need for multiple communication channels? Correct?

I think I have like 60 internal branches doing business with this vendor so it would be nice if there are some way to minimize the effort.

kind regards,