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Feb 08, 2012 at 03:31 PM

Some Issues noted with my AC 10 SP7


Hello All,

I have been testing my AC 10.0 with my end users and we have come upon couple of issues.I just wanted to share to see if anyone else is facing the same issue and how they have fixed them or have solutions(suggestions) to help fix these.

1.When I do a role search on Access request using a system as a filter criteria it is not displaying anything and giving message "No records found for the search criteria entered."

but when I use any other filter criteria like role name search ,composite or single role etc or just hit role search without selecting any filter i.e. display all roles ,it is displaying all the roles.

2.When a user is trying to submit an access request ,AC is checking to see if the manager exists in the GRC system or not ,if the manager doesn't exist it is throwing an error .It shouldn't be the case right as the system is connected to LDAP so it already checks against AD.

3. When I am performing request status refresh it shows different number of requests each time... i.e. yesterday it showed 120 requests with some in approved,some pending etc..but today when i try to do the same it shows zero..i even tried refreshing couple of times..why is this difference and what is missing to show such discrepancy of data or is it a bug.

4.Whenever end user wants to check the request status of his request in the end user logon screen it allows the user to go to next step but when he clicks on the actual request and clicks open request or instance status or provisioning logs it asks user to logon with a username/passwd.Of all the end user screens options only this screen asks for username/passwd as all other links work fine.