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Feb 08, 2012 at 01:49 PM

current net value is zero in retro billing VFRB


Hi Friends,

we have used some z fields in pricing, almost all the fields are z fields in price determination includes condition base value.

we are able to create sales order and billing document and price is also getting determined as required.

Now the issue is we are unable to use retro-billing functionality, there the system is showing current net value as zero.

Ex : My price is basing on weight (it is a service material), this weight is a z field.

Landing Charges - 60 MT @ 100/mt, condition base value is 60 MT and price is getting determined as 60MT@100 equal to 6000.

Z field is available in VBAK table and not in VBRK table.

Now i am changing weight in sales order and running retro-billing, then it is showing current net value as zero.

i am unable to find out the reason, what could be ????, pl help

thanks in advance,