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May 10, 2005 at 10:22 PM

IC WebClient Alert text block


I've been using the IC cookbook to add an alert. I've done all the steps - created a Z class using IF_CRM_IC_EVENT_LISTENER, setup the alert & event profiles. The alert currently works as far as the message I've put into the <messageText> tag in the alert profile shows up for my new event. The piece that I need help with is how to change the message text to be displayed to be dynamic. According to the cookbook I should be able to do this using <placeholder> but I cannot get this to work. In my handle_event method I add a parameter to the event with the string that needs to be displayed in the alert. The code in my handle_event method for this is:

data: new_event type ref to cl_crm_ic_event.

  • create event object

create object new_event.

new_event->set_name( 'BPIndustryCode' ).

call method new_event->add_param

exporting name ='class' value = 'Homecare Dealer'.

  • raise event

event_service->raise( new_event ).

For testing purposes I have the value hardcoded to 'Homecare Dealer'. In reality the value will come from a table depending on the BP industry code. In my testing to date, the event occurs, gets handled & a message gets displayed, but it's not the value "Homecare Dealer".

Here's the contents of my Alert profile:

<alert id="IndustryCode">

<desc>Respironics Industry Code for BP</desc>










<placeholder id="class" property="false"/>

<placeholder id="param1" property="true"/>






The message that displays in my alert is what I've defined in <messageText> above.

I've tried <messageText>[class]</messageText>, as shown in the cookbook for runtime text replacement but then what shows up in the Alert is literally the string "[class]".

Is it possible, using GenericAlert class, to have different text blocks display in the Alert message? If so, what do I need to change in my setup?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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