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Feb 08, 2012 at 11:09 AM

MDM validation


Dear MDM specialist

I need some help to create validations for our new development for bank repository.

I am on the way to create a new repository for banks, I created the main table and I also created so called controlling table called u201CCountriesu201D.

In that countries table I have some example data:

Bank country codeu2026. US...PL...DE...SE...SE..........................NL

Bank number length u20269..... 6......4......3......4....(no value for that country)


I need to create validations in the main table which will assure that, if user would like to add the new bank for example for the country US the validation need to check that for US bank number length is 9 digits and allowed to save the new entry only if user will type bank number with length 9 for example: 123456789 if user will type only 1234567 or 12343567891011 then validation need to inform about mistake.

That same need to be validated for example for country PL. If user would like to add the bank with bank number length 123456 is ok but is not ok for 123 (as the bank number length must be 6 digits). For some countries we have 2 values possible like for SE bunk number 123 and 1234 are OK. And the last option some countries have no values as for example NL.

I tried with Len(), but I cannot make it work, can you please guide with validation code ??

Thank you very much for help.