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Feb 08, 2012 at 07:42 AM

Alternate approver for a PO level 1 and leve 2 - release strategy 4 levels



I.hope someone had succeeded in resolving this - be it with or without development work required

My requirement too is to have multiple alternative approvers (2 up to 4 some cases 5!) in release stratergy for PO.

Alternate approvers at level1 and level 2 are required.

The strategy must have at least 4 levels of approval


The complication for me is that the alternate approvers already commences at level 1.

(I have succeeded in the set up where the alternate approver is on level 2.. hmm this is not my complete requirement 😔 )

*Scenario In release strategy

Release Codes :

A1 or G1 for first Release

A2 or G2 for 2nd Release

A3 - third Release

A4 - Final Release.

- If either of A1 Or G1 approves, the system should allow A2 OR G2 to approve.

- A3 should then be able to release if (A1 or G1) and (A2 or G2) have approved

- A4 to approve if A3 has approved.

Want to use workflow as well

Note the client does not have PPOME implemented