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Feb 07, 2012 at 09:46 PM

Line numbering and Item numbering in SRM 7 for shopping carts.



We are on SRM 7.1.

The issue we are facing is when a shopping cart has multiple service

items and one of the service lines is deleted and the cart is ordered

the item numbering for the shopping cart lines is different in the item

overview screen in shopping cart transaction as well as sourcing and

workload reassignment.

For example,

- If you create an Item for your SC. This would be Item 1 - line 1.

- You now create another Item for your SC. This would be Item 2 - line


- Then, you add a new line item, which is Item 3 - line 3.

- Now you delete the second Item (line 2)

  • Since we do not show the deleted items, you will only see 2 items,

however there are 3 lines in buffer.

- After you save the cart, front end will display two items, which

have line number 1 and 2.

- However, item number will be stored as number 1 and 3, since these

are the sequential records created in buffer.

In sourcing cockpit, workload distribution and POWL, item number is


In shopping cart screen, line number is displayed.

This difference in numbering for line number and item number due to the standard design of SRM 7 is creating a lot of confusion among buyers in our organization.

Has anyone come across this issue?