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Feb 07, 2012 at 09:26 PM

SAP Business 1 User Privileges Business Partner Fields



I want to restrict our Telesales staff and users on B1 from editing certain sensitive Business Partner Fields:

Payment terms

Credit Limit

VAT Code

Our Telesales staff is now set as Superusers and they have access to all BP fields and can edit them. I wish these fields to be controlled by our Accounts Staff.

I cannot see HOW to restrict the user priviliges. Any changes I make in the BP user privileges result in the Telesales Staff to either edit all fields or not to be able to see them at all. The Telesales staff does need to see and have access to the BP fields to enter sales orders and to add new BP;s as Leads.

Can you help and advise what to do? Are these settings in another section and which one?