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Feb 07, 2012 at 05:44 PM

nonSAP client->SOAP->PI->ABAP Proxy->SAP Business System EOIO Question


Hey all... wondering how and if the following can be accomplished

I have a nonSAP client that is sending SOAP message pairs to PI 7.11 SP06. PI is then sending these messages via ABAP Proxy to our SAP business system. By pairs I mean for each event in the client it's going to send 2 messages to PI and then to SAP business system. These messages have to be processed by PI and SAP in the exact order the client sends them.

My goal is to have the client somehow specify the queueID and quality of services as EOIO when it calls PI via the SOAP message. The reason is when the client sends 1 set of messages we don't want it to block subsequent message pairs if something goes wrong with the first. We're going to have an "ID" as part of the queueID that will be unique by pair.

My question: is it possible to specify this queueID (and the qos=EOIO) in the SOAP message that is sent to PI so this queueID carries through PI and into the SAP business system?