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Feb 07, 2012 at 01:04 PM

Profit center Derivation



We are on ECC 6.0 with FICA 604. We are also using COPA, Funds management with New G/L functionality.

Now my issue is that there is one G/L which is while posting entry in FPE1 shows blank profit center but as I press enter, it derives profit center '9999" (dummy profit center).

This G/L is related to Bad -debts posting and there is neither entry of cost element in KA03 (i.e. we have not define cost center and order) nor we have maintained entry at FAGL3KEH. Also we have not maintain any substitution rule to set the same. Although there is entry of that G/L in OKB9 but tick is maintained for automatic assignment for Profitability Analysis. When I treid to maintain profit center against this entry system doesn't allow.

Now my query is

1. How system determines such profit center?



So my question