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Feb 07, 2012 at 12:10 PM

Different language of Query interface and masterdata texts


Hi Experts,

currently we are using BI system in 2 languages EN, DE. All queries are maintained in two languages. All text datasource are in two languages.

Now customer wants to have it also in Spanish. To load all texts via existing datasources in spanish would be easy.

But it's to difficult to maintain all queries in 3 languages (because next will be eg. Danish, Norwegian, etc...).

So I'm thinking about possibility to have Query itself - the interface (titles, names of characteristic, key figures etc.) in english and masterdata texts (eg. names of customers, materials etc.) in Spanish.

Do you think it's possible at all?

I tried URL parameters sap-language= and bsplanguage= to simulate it - English query with German masterdata texts, but without success

Thanks in advance