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Feb 07, 2012 at 08:24 AM

Conversion of Tablet and PACs in Quotation, Sales Order and Delivery


Dear Gurus,

I need solution of my critical scenario related to Pharma Industry: Scenario is:



We have a product which are in tablet. We keep the base unit of measure of these tablet as PAC, which means 14 tablets equals to 1 PAC. Our stock keeping unit and issuing unit of measure is PAC.



.) We receive inquiry of customer for numbers of tablet. e.g. 1000 Tablets

.) We need to present the quotation in Tablets. i.e. 1000 Tablets, equivalent to 71.42 PAC. As we cannot break the PAC we have to give 72 PAC which equals to 1008 Tablets.



.) 8 tablets are increasing because of the PAC size. These 8 tablets will be DELIVERED but not INVOICED because of the PAC size.

.) We need to charge the COGS of that 8 quantity but revenue will not be recorded.

This situation can happen in different stages like

*) At the time of Quotation 1000 tab: 71.42 PAC: 8 tab difference

*) At the time of Sales Order 800 tab: 57.1428 PAC : short order awarded; 12 extra tablets should be provided

*) At the time of Delivery 400 tab: 28.57 PAC: multiple deliveries; 6 extra tablets should be provided

Need quick and accurate solution from the experts...