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May 10, 2005 at 10:00 AM

.NET Connector - method "GETSAPSSOTICKET"



I'm using sap .net connector (2.0) method "GETSAPSSOTICKET" to get a cookie for

a windows domain user.

I configured the IIS and sap system to use external ID and trusted connection

as explained in the .net documentation "How to use Windows Logon for Single Sign-On

in an SAP Web Application".

All works ok but I'm not able to close the rfc connection opened by the method "GETSAPSSOTICKET":

in transaction smgw the connection is always active.

Does anyone know how to close this rfc connection?

the code:


Dim sso As SAP.Connector.SAPConnection

Dim cookie As HttpCookie

cookie = New HttpCookie("MYSAPSSO2", sso.GetSAPSSOTicket(Me.Destination1.ConnectionString, 2))