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Feb 07, 2012 at 02:29 AM

Exchange rate(BI to BPC)


Hi friends,

I'm trying to load exchange rates from BI to BPC.

I found some of exchange rate values are -ve value. when i click detail view it's showing /xx.

Eg. BI system: TCURR table information in one cube (TCURR contents are also same)

clinet | rate type | from curr| to curr | valid from | Exch. rate |Ratio(from)| ratio (to)

300| E |AUD | EUR| 79889168| 1.35660- | 0 | 0

If i click display button for above record, record shown in below way

client: 300

Exch rate type: E (End rate)

From curr: AUD

TO curr: EUR

valid from: 31.08.2011

exchange rate: /1.35660 (why "/" this symbol appearing here for negative values)

ratio(from): 0

ratio(to); 0

For postive exchange rate: 0.60240 (while displaying record).

Is "/", symbol means division for getting translated value.

In rate application(input currency dim, we have to maintain one property MD). Do i need consider above symbol for setting up of MD property in inputcurrency dim.