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Feb 06, 2012 at 01:32 PM

How to restrict the columns order movement at runtime in 7.3


Hi Experts

We are using EP7.3 Portal.

We have modified the Cats table in a customized ESS Cats DC . We have added a another table

say subTotals table (This table does not have header) to calculate the hours as per business requiremnt just below the cats table with proper allignment.

Now at run time i.e when launched through Iview in the portal, the user can able to

personalize the columns order of Cats Table (Moving columns from one place to other) by Right click on the

table>User settings->other-->Re Arrange the columns

We have 2 tables so moving the first table column order will effect the second table which displays the totals (This is readonly)

Our requirement is we should not allow the user to change the column order at run time (At least we need to restrict 8 columns outof 13 to 14 columns)

How can we restrict the columns order through code i.e by controlling the property if any