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Feb 06, 2012 at 02:21 AM

Multiple queries on YTD and Balance Sheet accounts


I needed bit more clarity on these YTD and Balance Sheet accounts. Hope some expert out there could chime in.

1) I have my application as PERIODIC

2) My Input Schedule page key is set to PERIODIC

3) If my row expansion has BALANCE SHEET accounts and col expansion has 24 month periods

Q1) Now when user enters 500 for Jan and 750 for Jun does system treat this as periodic data or YTD

Q2) If I have to report Year/Qtr balance for these accounts how should i structure my report. Does my page key should have YTD or PERIODIC.

Q3) For above input data, when i run a report with col expansion as YR.TOTAL what should i expect 750 or 1250. Assume my report has page key as PERIODIC. What difference should it make if i have the page key as YTD in the report.

I am not seeing consistent results and i expected 1250 but I am actually getting 0.


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