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Feb 05, 2012 at 05:31 PM

Error when reverse delivery document


Hi Gurus

Basically we are pipe coating company (Service based)

We are using serial number management for pipes .GRN for pipe has been done and serial number assigned to it.

While doing dispatch the one serial number has been taken by two different delivery doc.(which we have seen from them serial number history)

For Some reason we cancelled all the delivery for the sales order in vl09.

Since the one delivery doc is reversed the serial number is taken by that document.

When we do for other delivery document we are not able to reverse we are getting the following error,

System status ESTO is active (EQU 62784)

Message no. BS013


Object EQU 62784 has system status ESTO (In the warehouse). According to this status, transaction 'Goods receipts' is not allowed.