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Feb 05, 2012 at 02:55 PM

Missing ms_upgrade1222.sql



On a DS ver. 3 job server (running on Windows), I started at, and ran the patch, DATACLNT_4-10008118. This brings Designer, the Job Server, and the Job Engine up to -- no problems, other than the need to run it twice to get Designer back.

My repo's, however, are still at When I run Repository Manager to upgrade a repo (on SQL Server), it throws an error, saying I'm missing ms_upgrade1222.sql. Judging from the name (of the missing file), it looks like I'm missing the script to bring the repo's up to Questions:

1) Does anybody have this file? If so... I could use it. It's supposed to be in admin\repo\MSSQL.

2) Does it, perhaps, come w/ the patch, and perhaps they (SAP) forgot to bring it along w/ the patch? Or, good heavens, did I really need to apply all the "DATACLNT_" patches in order, one after another?



Edited by: Jeff Prenevost on Feb 5, 2012 3:00 PM

Follow-up in case anybody's interested: there's a whole slew of *1222 files, .SQL and .ATL, that weren't present under \admin\repo after application of the same patch as on another job server where all these files were present. Seems like maybe the patch was different, but sure looks the same, and both result in the Designer, Job Server, and Job Engine all getting reported at Copied all the files over and now Repository Manager is happy. Pretty weird.