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Feb 04, 2012 at 08:18 AM

Doubts on XML Form Builder



i am very much confused with this Form Builder, i have been through but no clarity.

can you please correct me if i am wrong

As for my understanding what i have understood is:

Initially we are creating a project(Provide: name & ID) --> create Edit form --> create renderlistform --> then finally show form --> now click on generate Project and finally save it (Dont know where it is being save).

now when i have been to this location in km content:

folder-->new -->forms(here i find my created project, when i click on it displays my Edit form)

now as per some documents we need to create two Iviews:

1.Authoring Iview

2.display Iview

maintain these properties:

> Path to initially displayed folder : /documents/myNews

> Path to root folder for Navigation: /documents/myNews

so here i have created new folder(myNews) under documents, in order to point the iviews to this folder.

now my doubt is how do we provide the Edit form for authoring of autorised users(employees for editing and updating) and how do we provide show form to other employees.

help me out i am very much confused with this scenario.

I have been through many documents so i am able to create Edit form, item rendering form and show --> generated the project and saved the project.

but how am i supposed to display this form to employees????? please clear me on this concept...

Thanks in advance....