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Feb 03, 2012 at 07:50 PM

Question on GPS Architecture


Hi All,

Sorry if this is mis-posted but I have a GPS question and I think this is best fit. We have some projects starting up and GPS is in play. We have done a little here and have GPS on some of our assets but will be increasing the number of powered and unpowered assets. In addition we have some new mobile use cases and will be diving into mobile develoment at the same time. Fun. So we're still sorting out the details of for example what requirements will be met by which GPS when the driver device and the asset may be capable.

My question has to do with architecture. Given a mix of existing GPS devices along with new dedicated and mobile capabilities is there any architectural option that acts like a GPS repository or concentrator? For example SAP's RFID solutions have an EPCIS (Electronic Product Code Information Services) standard based repositoy (Called OER) to capture and query event based enformation based on barcode/RFID read events. In other words all event information about the supply chain in a standars based repositoy. In the case of object barcode and RFID events there is a historical element.

Now switch to GPS. A repository to capture location information of all assets we wish to track. As we solution this, it's tempting to couple this with some other piece of the architecture such as scheduling. I'm thinking it may be smart to decouple GPS from any particular use case and allow systems to consume as required somes for historical but in some cases it may be needed near real time. I'm just not sure if any standards or architectures address this problem.

Hopefully we can get some discussion going. If this belongs in another forum please let me know.