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Feb 03, 2012 at 02:35 PM

Production order Unit of Messure-decimal rounding issue


Finished product is a Metal conveyor belt.

Material Base UoM is Links u2018LKu2019

Alternative UoM are:

10 link = 1 Feet

1 meter = 3.2808 Feet

Plant X800, (MTO) Sales orders created in meters. So production orders in Meters (MM02->work scheduling view->Production unit & Unit of Issue maintained in Meters)

Now Issue is:

If production order is 10 meters, this is converted to 328.084 LK. Physically shopfloor receives only 328 LKs after production.

Links cannot be in decimals. Inventory and Costing is done u2018per Linku2019.

This needs a decimal rounding to u20180u2019 value. Expectation will be 328 LK.

If the value is 1.49 then the rounding value will be u20181u2019 (< 0.5)

If the value is 1.5 then the rounding value will be u20182u2019 (>0.5)

Please help me. Is there a config Setting or a work around (user exit)?