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Error while installing Solution Manager


I have started installing SAP Solution Manager 7.1. At the final step Prepare to install minimal configuration I got the below error.

My Java version is j2sdk1.4.2_33-x64 .

An error occurred while processing option SAP Solution Manager 7.1 > SAP Systems > MS SQL Server > Central System > Central System( Last error reported by the step :Assertion failed: in function NW_Call_Offline_CTC_ind_ind_ind_ind_SubComponentContainer_callOfflineCTC() { var nw = NWInstall.getSystem(context.get("sid")); var ctcDirFs = nw.getCI().getInstanceDir().concat("j2ee", "ctc"); var ctcExeFile = installer.onWindows() ? "LaunchOfflinectc.bat" : ""; var ctcCall = ctcDirFs.concat(ctcExeFile); installer.writeTrace("CTC is in" + ctcCall); ASSERT(arguments.callee, ctcCall.isExisting(), "CTC executable cannot be found in " + ctcCall.toString()); var pmgt = new ProcessMgt(); var app = pmgt.createChildApplication(ctcCall, []); var userData = nw.getUsers().getAccountData(NWUsers.roles.SIDAdm); var user = (new AccountMgt()).getUser(; var env = pmgt.getProcessEnvironment(); if (installer.onUnix()) { env.setUser(user); } else { if (installer.onOS400()) { env.setUser(user); env.setGroup(user.getPrimaryGroup()); env.setKernelLibrary(nw.getOS4_Krnlib()); } } env.setWorkingDirectory(ctcDirFs.getNode()); var javaHome = nw.getJavaHome().toString(); env.setEnvironmentVariable(new Property("JAVA_HOME", javaHome)); installer.writeTrace("For the Offline CTC Call, JAVA_HOME is set to " + env.getEnvironmentVariable("JAVA_HOME")); app.setEnvironment(env); var retval =[], true); ASSERT(arguments.callee, retval == 0, "CTC retval is not 0 but " + retval); installer.writeTrace("CTC has been called in Offline Mode."); } CTC retval is not 0 but 1). You can now:

Please suggest what could be the reason and the solution.

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2 Answers

  • Feb 03, 2012 at 03:36 PM

    Did you try re-installing by any chance?

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  • Feb 08, 2012 at 06:57 AM


    You should look a bit higher in your SAPinst dev log.

    This message indicates a problem with the start of a tool that is used for AS Java.

    Most of the times it's because of an issue with the JDK you are using.

    Perhaps your JAVA_HOME is not ok or your JDK isn't used properly or a different JDK than the one you think is used is being used.

    Just yesterday I answered another forum entry with the same error message. You should be able to find a bit more information there but like I said, scroll back up in your SAPinst Dev Log and you will see which executable SAPinst is trying to run.

    To fix the situation I would suggest you check all the necessary settings and try to start up the tool manually first before continuing in SAPinst, that way you know for sure it will start.

    Best regards


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