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Feb 03, 2012 at 12:18 PM

Bread crumb showing error during role merging


Hi portal Gurus,

We have a federated portal network in which we are federating Bi portal with Ep portal.

We have merged the roles of BI in an Ep role.

The role is created like role name-> workset -> BI iview.

When I click the "workset" in Breadcrumb I get an error "page not found". Is there a way to avoid this error.

But when I click the Bi_iview, and then click the "workset" it does not show error.

Is there a way to open the iview on click of the role itself, so that this error does not occur. I do not want to change the bread crumb application, since this error does not occur for other roles wherein I have not used the merging concept.

Thanks in advance!