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What is the exact meaning of Requirement Qty, Commited Qty & Withdrawn Qty?

Dec 23, 2016 at 12:32 PM


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Hi Experts,

In what all scenarios we will have a case where the committed qty = withdrawn qty = requirement qty in production order ?

I have an interesting scenario where in there are 2 components in a prodcution order with requirement qty as 20 and 40.

Both the qty has committed qty as 20 and 40. Then both are goods issued to the order. Later COMAC is run for the order. Now in the display of production order I see for component with qty 20, the req qty = commit qty = withdraw. For the other component the req qty = 40, commit = 0 and with draw = 40.

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1 Answer

sap sap Mar 31, 2017 at 11:33 AM

Hi Hitendra,

requirement quantity : quantity calculated as for the BOM.

Committed quantity : quantity available in stock as for the requirement.

withdrawn quantity : Quantity of the goods issue (261) posted.



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But if it is really as you said, then how does zero committed Qty can be withdrawn???

in below case : Req. Qty : 80 ; Committed Qty : 0 & Withdrawn Qty : 80

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Hi Hitendra,

It means that -When you did the availability check, at that time the stock was not available. it might happen that they recipt the stock later and issued it against the production order.

in case of req qty, you can check the production order and check it.

and check the withdrawn qty is issued qty for production order.