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Feb 03, 2012 at 06:48 AM

AR Invoice DocDate Changed Automatically


Hi All,

We are using SBO 2005B PL 36, SDK and our own Addon package since last 4 years. For all our business entries posting, our end users use only our Add-on and thru SDK we post it in SBO.

But yesterday we came across a problem in which the DocDate of exactly 21 AR Invoices among 227 invoices posted as 15/02/2012 in SBO instead of the actual date 02/02/2012. In our Add-on it shows the correct date of 02/02/2012 for all the same 21 invoice numbers.

Anybody pls tell me why the DocDate changed to 15/02/2012 from 02/02/2012 only for some invoices?

Thank you,