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Feb 03, 2012 at 06:08 AM

Document Splitting - Bank and Customer Invoice


Hi Experts,

I have document splitting method 0000000012 and under that Business transaction 1000 i have created a new transaction variant for the client specific requirment

Further for this combination i have linked item category 04000 for bank accounts with all categories attached to it and 02000 for Customer accounts with revenue attached to it

Now when i pass a customer invoice for profit center A and when i clear this using F-28 giving profit center B, the system is inheriting Profit Center A form customer invoice and for the bank line item it is split according to the base row which is Customer invoice hence both item reflects profit center A and profit center B which is keyed in totally ignored

My client requires that the inheritance from customer invoice needs to be ignored and the profit center needs to be updated as per manual entry. hence the entry should like the following

Bank Dr Profit center B

To Customer Cr Profit Center B

Profit Center Clearing A/c Dr Profit Center A

To Profit Center Clearing A/c Cr Profit Center B

I have not given automatically split tick in any of the linked categories

Please advice