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Feb 03, 2012 at 04:43 AM

Regarding HANA concept clarification



I have two questions from TZHANA materials. Need more understanding about HANA

pls let me know if you have more details on this

1) regarding EDW and LSA Architecture.

For certain requirements, the role of the classical Reporting layer
(query optimized InfoCubes) might diminish. DataStore Object might 
be able to provide sufficient query performance to omit InfoCubes.

So does this mean inmemory DSO will replace inmemory infocubes infuture?

pls can you give me reason why infocubes will be dropped and so reporting layer does not exist in LSA.

When is this scenario possible?

2)I could not find more explaination about DB connect archicture in topic of consuming HANA models.

What does the Architecture picture says?

DB Connect driver is required for HBD case and not required for other than HDB case?

Pls confirm