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Former Member
May 09, 2005 at 11:08 AM

Extraction 0FI_GL_4 - WBS-element is missing



I'm struggling with the extraction of 0FI_GL_4. In the extraction we have created an additional field on top of PROJK with the conversion to 24 Char, ZZ_PROJK. However, when we run the extraction both fields are not filled and thus missing in the target ODS. The field is also missing in the PSA.

Funny is that I have tested the extraction in R/3 using transaction RSA3. When testing, the fields are filled correctly. So somewhere between extraction from R/3 and BW the values get 'lost'.

It also seems that things can go wrong when I enter a source system when testing in RSA3. In the Development and Quality assurance R/3 the fields are not filled when I enter the Dev. or Qualtity Ass. source systems as target. Can this have anything to do with it, maybe in terms of RFC-settings?

Our current plug-in BW is 2003_1_620 and for R/3 2004_1_46C so problems mentioned in the OSS notes are not relevant.

Any helpful suggestions or solutions are of course rewarded.

Kind regards,

Hans de Klein