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Feb 02, 2012 at 01:41 PM

Regarding publishing RFx from ABAP


Hi experts,

Context ==> Data Migration

Env ==> SRM 7.0 Extended Classic

So we are migrating SC, RFx & Responses and corresponding POs.

After creating and approving SC, we generate a new RFx using SOCO function module. Then we are trying to update the RFx by assigning at least one bidder.

After that, we are trying to publish the RFx in order to allow Response creation.

The main question is, how can I manage the publication of the RFx?

I remember a "set_released" method within BO BUS2200 but I'm wondering whether such method can be executed somehow from ABAP programs. If possible, I am not sure whether this is the best approach to achieve my goal.

On the other hand, we have BBP_BID_INV_PUBLISH function module, but I do not know why such FM needs a table of partners.

Can we use BBP_BID_INV_PUBLISH without specifying any partner?

By the way, process level evaluation has been configured for automatic approval.

Finally, does anybody know about any data migration documents describing best practices for SRM?

Thanks in advance and best regards