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Former Member
Feb 02, 2012 at 03:43 AM

Crystal Reports Viewer cannot display justified text


Hi all,

I have a web application to preview a report using crystal report viewer (CRVS2010 SP2).

It contains many text objects to show paragraphs and horizontal alignment is set to justify.

The format is correct when preview in VS2010 at design time, printed and exported.

However, when reading via crystal report viewer in my web application:

1) Text is not evenly distributed on a line. Space is shown at the end of the line if the last word is long, instead of breaking the word into 2 lines.

2) Line may break and the last word display in a new line. The next line starts at another line.

According to the release note of CR VS2010 SP2, there are fixes for justification problem above but it seems applying to underlined text and .net (windows?) application.

The second problem seems not happening in Firefox and Chrome but all browers have first problem.

Is this bug of crystal reports viewer for web application?

I have many reports to show justified text objects. Any workaround/ solution is appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,