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Feb 01, 2012 at 07:41 PM

Custom Relationship or Evaluation Path needed for 'Time Admin' Scenario


Hello all Gurus,

I am looking for some direction on a scenario that I am trying to accomplish.

The position u201CLEAD Solutions Architectu201D, in the example below, is going to be what we will classify as a Time administrator. The function on this Time Admin will to be to correct an employeeu2019s punch exceptions via a portal application (ITC). But, my issue is that I need this user/position to be able to view all organizations and their people down below.

I have tried creating a custom evaluation path and I can get it to work down to the ORG, but not to the employee.

Also, I have created an ABAP program and routine to tie to a custom relationship, but when I attempt assign the new program, the program name disappears after clicking on new entry (T77EV-PROGR).


IT Infrastructure O(rganization)

Lead Solutions Architect S (TIME ADMIN)

Director, IT Infrastructure S

Operations Services O(rganization) Below Organization 'IT Infrastructure'

Senior Support Specialist S

Senior Operations Coordinator S

Manager, Operations Services S

Intern, IT Intern S

Operations Servies Analyst S

Customer Support Services O(rganization) Below Organization 'Operations Services'

Support Specialist S

Support Specialist S

Support Specialist S


Any advice or direction on this would be highly appreciated.