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Feb 01, 2012 at 06:36 PM

change log content



I dont understand the following data flow, and hope somebody can explain it to me:

I have loaded some data into DSO and after activating I can see the new data in the change log as well as in

the active data table. Now I have an infopackage that triggers data from this DSO (3.x) to an Info Cube.

By administrating the cube and clicking on the Monitor and then PSA, I can see the datapackage in the PSA, because I choosed psa and then into data targets. Fine so far.

But when I go back and check the DSO from where the data came from, I have the request in the change log of the DSO.

Why?? How come that this data flow effect the DSO, I mean the DSO has not changed, therefore why do I have these entries in

the change log of this DSO?

I am confused...